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Whether from the rising waters of the Cache la Poudre River or because of a burst pipe in your home plumbing, water damage insurance claims are second only to fire damage claims, and water damage is more common. Long-term exposure allows water to soak into the wooden structural and support components of your home, warping and buckling the floors, compromising the framing and drywall, and cracking and deteriorating the concrete of the foundation and basement. Water damage also proliferates the growth of mold and mildew, which will rot the wood floor joists that support your main floor, and also the wood framing and drywall. Not all water damage requires gutting the home and starting over, but extensive water damage needs to be mitigated before that becomes necessary. That's when you contact our certified professionals for water damage restoration services in Fort Collins.

Water Damage

Mold can grow and spread rapidly, even when there is only a small wet spot to facilitate the initial growth. Just the slightest hint of dampness can provide a breeding ground for mold, enabling it to spread throughout the drywall of your home, into the wood, and even into the fabrics of your carpet, curtains, and upholstery. It will even destroy your books and your clothing. Pooling water can also be home to bacteria, pathogens, and other unsanitary conditions. If the water is from a discharge pipe in your home, the leak could create substantial damage. Contact our mold remediation team in Fort Collins if you have any concerns about mold growth in your home.

Fort Collins Water Damage Restoration Services

Mitigating extensive water damage is not something you want to do yourself, particularly if you have respiratory issues or allergies. You need our expert water damage repair team in Fort Collins to meticulously assess the extent of damage, from the crawl space or basement, to the rafters of the attic. We'll determine how far into the walls the water and mold have intruded, and we'll check the wooden structural components and drywall to determine to what extent their integrity has been compromised. We'll provide you with an honest assessment of the damage, and we'll offer a fair price quote for drying out your home and restoring all damaged areas.

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Areas in your home damaged by water and mold can be repaired, but because the State of Colorado does not require restoration companies to be certified, many companies do not realize the damage from the water and mold will continue unless your home is completely dry, and they may seal in the moisture that caused the damage in the first place. At NOCO Basements, we do know, because we've undergone IICRC certification and are experts in the mitigation of mold and other damages caused by water. When your home has been compromised by excessive water, contact NOCO Basements. We're at the top of the list in home remodeling, repair, water damage restoration, and mold remediation in Fort Collins.

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