Fort Collins Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Remediation

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The greatest fear for any homeowner is to hear the smoke alarm scream for evacuation; then to flee outside and see the flames and smoke engulf it. If anything remains, the long process of fire and smoke damage restoration begins. It's not something anyone can DIY, which is why you need to contact NOCO Basements for professional fire damage restoration services in Fort Collins. We've been building new homes, remodeling homes, and restoring damaged homes since 2013. The State of Colorado does not require a restoration company to be certified, but the professionals at NOCO Basements feel otherwise, which is why we are certified in fire and smoke remediation in Fort Collins and across Northern Colorado. So when you want the best for the biggest repair project you'll ever face, reach out to us.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Where there's fire there's smoke, which can be just as damaging as the flames. Certain insurance firms differentiate between primary fire-related damage and secondary fire-related damage. The former results from the direct impact of the flames, and the latter is caused by the effects of smoke or other fire-generated by-products. Even after the flames are all gone and the burned areas are restored, smoke damage can continue to degrade your home long afterward. To ensure the safety of your home, make sure to have it inspected by our fire damage restoration contractors in Fort Collins.

Fire and Smoke Remediation in Fort Collins

Seeing your home burn is a traumatic experience, and we understand that, which is why we get to work immediately. We want to help you and your family put your lives back together as quickly as possible.

To begin, we’ll do a thorough assessment, which includes:

    Evaluating the external aspect of the residence, encompassing the surrounding grounds and any additional structures.
    Ensuring accessing the premises poses no safety risks.
    Starting the examination of the interior, beginning with the foundation and basement. Evaluating the scope of the damage and determine the depth to which the flames and smoke have permeated the structural components to know what will be needed for complete repair and restoration.
    Moving through the upper levels and attic, meticulously assessing the structural soundness at every juncture.
    Categorizing assets room by room to see which are salvageable and which require disposal. This assessment includes household appliances, furniture, electronics, paper goods, carpets, and upholstery.
    We’ll then formulate a comprehensive breakdown of expenses for the cleanup and restoration, tailored exclusively to your property and needs.

Your #1 Choice for Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Collins

Your home is an extension of your life, and you want a fire and smoke remediation company in Fort Collins that understands the personal and material impact a fire causes. That company is NOCO Basements, a team of certified professionals dedicated to getting things done correctly the first time, in as short a time as possible. When you’ve had fire and smoke damage in your home, either from a grease fire on the stove, an electrical outlet failure, or a major fire event, contact our fire damage clean up team in Fort Collins. We’ll be there on time, ready to get your restoration project started.

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